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and our words of the country's biggest bank, kabul bank. kabul bank has lost enormous amounts of money through bad speculation and corruption. the news has seen long lines of anxious depositors wanting to withdraw funds. even the u.s. treasury department's support in the resignation of two directors have not restored confidence in kabul bank. >> there were long lines outside kabul bank's branches again on tuesday. the run on the bank began a week ago, and customers have withdrawn hundreds of millions of euros from their accounts. >> i have been to six branches of the bank since yesterday, but i cannot get a hold of my money. and today, i am number621 on the waiting list. the government is responsible for this crisis. the central bank should guarantee our savings. that is why it should be illegal for them to speculate with our money. >> the kabul bank did speculate on the de by real estate market. it poured 125 million euros into the gulf state stands. president karzai's brother is thought to have been involved in the deals. journalists in afghanistan now has cut deeply politicians were
.m. in washington and it afternoon in kabul where that afghan government has deployed more than 200,000 members of security forces to safeguard tomorrow's parliamentary elections. in the world -- words of the u.n. special envoy, one of the worst places in the worst times to have an election and were in the world. for the latest let's go live to kabul. >> here in the kabul, right across the country, security is exceptionally tight. policemen everywhere at key junctions in the capital. and yet intimidation and threats continued. 18 supporters of candidates were kidnapped today in the northwest of afghanistan. and another candidate was kidnapped this morning not far from kabul. more than three in the last two weeks according to the ports. yet with all of the threats and fears of violence, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the candidates. it 2005 hundred are competing for seats in the lower house of parliament and a record number of younger afghans -- between 25-35. but can they compete? there is a new look and afghan politics this year, a new style. this 30 year old tells his campaign team that t
security threats. hours before the polling opened there was a big explosion heard in kabul, the capital and it was thought to be a rocket attack the and bbc has uncovered evidence that voters are being approached to sell their polling papers and more. >> once again, afghans are going to the polls. this time for paraphernalia -- parliament. officials want to avoid the corruption and fraud in last year's presidential vote but we found that candidates are again trying to fix 9 results. these two men are afraid to be identified, but their story undermines claims that this election will be any cleaner than the last because more than 10 candidates for parliament have tried to buy their family's voting cards. >> we are going to sell the cards. we are poor people and politicians haven't done anything for us. if kds -- candidates are trying to buy votes why should you expect anything different from them? so we will sell our cards for money. >> and it's not just real cards being sold. there are "4 downs" -- thousands of fake ones too. one candidate was so angry he gave us proof of what's happenin
-year-old war. there was a furious anti-american protest today in kabul. hundreds of young religious students and others chanted "death to america" and waved signs denouncing president obama. the protest was triggered by a florida church's announced plan to mark saturday's anniversary of 9/11 by burning copies of the koran. also in kabul today, government officials sought to ease a crisis at afghanistan's biggest bank. but it's a tough sell since president karzai's family and political cronies are seen as the root of the problem. mandy clark is in the afghan capital. >> reporter: panicked customers have been pulling their savings out of kabul bank as fast as they can. 23-year-old ahmed seyai is one of them. >> i just want to withdraw my money and i will never deposit my money back in the kabul bank. >> reporter: the run on the bank began last wednesday after reports that tens of millions of dollars of off-the-book loans had been given to allies of president hamid karzai ham's government. frightened customers withdrew half the bank's $500 million in cash in less than a week. afghan officials w
that they will be punished if they cast ballots. a record number of young afghans are competing. we have this from kabul. >> there is and you look in afghan politics this year. it is style. this 30-year-old tells his team they should emphasized young, educated, and conserve to people. he is one of 100 young afghans have been decided for all the failures of their new parliamentary democracy, they see it as a future, and a future for them. >> if we want to build a peaceful, prosperous afghanistan, we want to stand up and say, we can bring peace to this country. we can bring dignity to this country. we can bring progress to this country. that is why i am standing on my own people. >> it is a message afghans will vote for. >> we have these new faces. the old mp's are only concerned with their own problems. look. this is full of poor and unemployed people. >> everywhere, reminders of the past. his stronghold is this village outside kabul. it is a former -- he is a former commander, and he is accused of war crimes. the people here voted for him in 2005. they will again. they tell me he is a strong man who wil
people, including two candidates london before the country's parliamentary elections but but in kabul, the president called on voters to go to the polls despite them try to disrupt the election. some 2500 candidates are competing for 249 seats in the country's parliament. election results are not expected until sometime in october. and we will have more on the afghan elections, including an interview with the german foreign minister, later on in this half-hour. each autumn, millions of people from around the world flocked to munich for the legendary octoberfest. this year, organizers are expecting even more people to attend. it is the two hundred anniversary of the beer festival the celebrations kicked off a day early this year with a huge party on friday. >> a brass band in traditional clothes, a parade, and of course, lots of beer. the oktoberfest is celebrating its routes this year. the munich may are married off three couples to symbolize the wedding of the crown prince of bavaria and the princess exactly 200 years ago. that was the beginning of the oktoberfest. but on saturday, i
are told the now dead militant leader had been planning a bomb attack in kabul ahead of the pa parliamentary election there's. they tracked the commander and two other militants to a field and took action but only after ensuring no civilians were are in the area. with us is robert pelton. he has been to afghanistan many times. we keep hearing of the same stuff over and over again with the concerns for civilians. >> the good news is that they have thoroughly penetrated the transportation network out of pakistan and they are able to predict and five the groups even before they get to kabul and they know where most of the safe houses are and you are seeing more action in kabul with arrests and asass nations and actions. >> shepard: this seems to be less and less about a big military and more and more about one guy doing one job door to door. >> right. they are trying to keep up the newsbeat. they want something coming out of kabul or afghanistan on a daily or weekly basis? >> who is they? >> the three networks. the north unit and the tribe. >> shepard: the war lords. >> they work
and drugs into those taliban strongholds. nbc tom as peljoins us live from kabul and tell us a little bit about this struggle and how it's likely to shape up there, tom. >> hi, chris. well, as you mentioned, it's the 101st airborne with hundreds of afghan troops and they're moving west of kandahar city. now, the objective is to deny the taliban safe havens in those areas. it's part of an ongoing operation, really, that has been happening for the last couple months trying to sweep the taliban not only out of kandahar, but helman province and southern afghanistan in general. most of the attention in afghanistan today is focused on elections scheduled for this saturday morning. and we have seen the last minute campaigning, if you can call it that because it's very low key. most of the country has more than 17 million afghans prepared to vote in parliamentary elections. chris? >> let me go back to the offensive for a second and strategically how important is it viewed by the u.s.? >> well, i think it's going to clear a highway an important highway that runs west of the city there and i don't
that burning the koran could put u.s. troops in harm's way. martha raddatz reports from kabul. >> reporter: the crowd in downtown kabul reached nearly 500 with protesters chanting, long live the koran. an effigy of pastor terry jones, from the tiny florida church, was lit on fire. the protesters, well aware the pastor's inflammatory comments. >> islam is an evil religion. >> reporter: but anger has spread far beyond pastor jones, with choochbts death to america, echoing through the crowd. minutes later, rocks were hurled at a passing u.s. military convoy. the u.s. commander in afghanistan, general david petraeus, is outraged by the threat to burn the koran, saying in a statement that it could "endanger troops. and it could endanger the overall effort here." we spoke in kabul with the former vice chief of staff of the army, general jack keane. >> it is outrageous. and it is insulting to muslims. but it's also insulting to the soldiers, for what they stand for and what their commitment is to the muslims in this country. >> reporter: pastor jones vowed he would go ahead with the koran burning
troops in harm's way. martha raddatz is in kabul, afghanistan, where those protests broke out. >> reporter: the crowd in downtown kabul reached nearly 500 today with protesters chanting "long live the koran." and effigy of pastor terry jones from the tinily florida church was lit on fire. the protesters well aware of the pastor's inflammatory comments. >> islam is an evil religion. >> reporter: but anger has spread far beyond pastor jones with chants of death to america echoing through the crowd. minutes later, rocks were hurled at a passing u.s. military convoy. the u.s. commander in afghanistan, general david petraeus, is outraged by the threat to burn the koran saying in a statement tonight that it could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort here. we spoke tonight in kabul with the former vice chief of staff of the army general jack keane. >> it is outrageous and insulting to muslims but to our soldiers in terms of what they stand for and their commitment to the muslims in this country. >> reporter: late today pastor terry jones vowed he would go ahead wi
/11 by burning the koran has sparked protests as far away as kabul while trying condemnation from the vatican. my co-anchor terry moran traveled to florida today to talk faith, hate and free speech with pastor terry jones. >> reporter: it a tiny but fervent congregation. the dove world outreach center has 30 con agree gants this sunday, and it is like many -- there is steaming in tongues here. look closely, though. the pastors are armed. and militant. >> it's evil. it's bad. it's against the bible. it's against god. >> reporter: the book, of course, is the koran. the holy book of the world's 1.3 billion muslims, believed by the faithful to be the word of god revealed through his prophet. and pastor terry jones says he will burn it on september 11th. >> we feel that their radical message is necessary. we also want to send a message to the moderate muslim to stay peaceful and moderate. we expect the muslims that are here in america to respect, honor, obey, submit to our constitution. >> reporter: and with that, pastor jones has led his little flock to the brink of a global confrontation and he's dr
by the taliban? our own john yang is in kabul and he's with us from there. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. military officials say this appears to be an accident, not a shootdown. but still as you say, the worst helicopter crash since may of 2006. today's nine deaths bring the u.s. death toll to at least 351 for this year. still, more than three months to go in 2010 but already, it's the deadliest year for both u.s. and coalition forces. the helicopter that crashed today was a black hawk. the crash is under investigation. officials say there's no indication of any hostile fire. that, despite the taliban claim that they shot the helicopter down. meanwhile, another threat to the stability to the government of hamid karzai in afghanistan. mounting claims of fraud in this past weekend's parliamentary election almost on the scale of last year's tainted presidential election. so growing challenges here, both on the security front and on the political front, brian. >> thank you for all of it, john yang in kabul, afghanistan, for us tonight. >>> it has happened again, just south of
to kabul, to afghanistan right now to serve in the foreign ministry? >> i will serve afghanistan, certainly. i am not a career diplomat. i joined the government from the private sector for a vision of building a peaceful, prosperous afghanistan. i will continue to work for that vision but if it is outside the government or inside government, i have not decided yet. but i never have been part of the government for a long time. my past is private sector. >> because some reports say you'll stay here in the united states. >> yes, i will stay here for a transition because my family lives here. my son is going to school. for a short time, i will be here and then i will make the decision. >> mr. ambassador, we wish you only the best and we wish, of course, the people of afghanistan only the best. we hope there is peace, security and democracy in afghanistan one day. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >>> the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan is massive in both military and money and lives lost. now the brother of this man, president hamid karzai, wants the u.s. to step up again. this time, to res
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it could put u.s. troops in harm's way. martha raddatz reports from kabul. >> reporter: the crowd in downtown kabul reached nearly 500, with protesters chanting "long live the koran." an effigy of pastor terry jones from the tiny florida church was lit on fire. the protesters well aware of the pastor's inflammatory comments. >> islam is an evil religion. >> reporter: but anger has spread far beyond pastor jones, with chants of "death to america" echoing through the crowd. minutes later, rocks were hurled at a passing u.s. military convoy. the u.s. commander in afghanistan, general david threat to burn the koran, saying in a statement that it could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort here." we spoke in kabul with the former vice chief of staff of the army. >> it is outrageous and it is insulting to muslims. but it's also insulting to our soldiers in terms of what they stand for and what their commitment is to this country and to the muslims in this country. >> reporter: pastor terry jones vowed he would go ahead with the koran burning. >> what we are doing is l
powell is live in kabul. tell us more. >> jamie, there were some festivities here as some of the larger bases, but across the country for u.s. troops it was another day in a combat situation. there simply are no holidays, no breaks for most of the troops here. they have a mission here and that's to defeat the taliban. nine years on the war here in afghanistan has really been a war of transition the past 18 months or so. for years hthommanders here complained at tre weren't enough troops or resources to properly fight the taliban. that's all changed in the lt year or sopr as president obama serves another 30,000 troops here. those tops are all fully incounn place a new strategy here. for years it was just focusing on trying to kill, hunt down and kill the taliban. that changed now. the focus here is to protect afghan civilians and build up the afghan government, curity forces from the police to the army and one u.s. general told f here recently in the past days that the strategy here reay is to train the u.s.' way out of this country. they want to train the afghan police and the afghan a
have come to kabul bank to close my account, but it is very busy here, a lot of people are here to withdraw their money. >> warner: the customers acted after kabul bank posted losses of $300 million, and saw its two top officers were ousted. u.s. and afghan officials say the bank made unorthodox loans to well-connected elites and risky real estate investments in dubai. the bank has close connections to president hamid karzai. the top shareholders-- former chairman, sherkhan farnood, and former ceo, khalilullah fruzi-- helped finance and advise karzai's 2009 re-election campaign. two other top shareholders, and beneficiaries of bank loans, are the president's brother, mahmoud karzai, the vice president's brother, hassen fahim. the government insists it's central bank will do what's needed to keep kabul bank from collapsing. >> my message to all the depositors is: their money is safe, the government of the afghanistan bank is standing behind kabul bank, we know the money is there, they must not panic. >> warner: state department spokesman p.j. crowley said this week the u.s. won't
's tom aspell is in kabul with the latest. tom with a good day to you, what can you tell us? >> well, the british sunday times says one of its reporters has met with a taliban treasurer from wardak province west of kabul who makes regular trips into kabul to go to five iranian construction companies which then give him cash to carry back to the shadowed governor of wardak province, who distributes the money to taliban fighters. they each get paid about $200 a month and are given a bonus of a thousand dollars if they kill an american and $6,000 if they destroy an armored vehicle belonging to the americans. now the "sunday times" says these companies have been in existence about six months, take money from foreign donors, for reconstruction projects, send the profits back to tehran by the banking system and return some of the money to kabul to be distributed to the taliban treasurer. we contacted the taliban in wardak province, they said unofficially we have friendly relations with all neighboring countries, but officially this never happened. alex. >> to what extent might this be part
. turkey did not fulfill its obligation. >> the afghan central bank is taking over the kabul thank. according to the central bank. several senior directors of kabul bank. including karzai's bother are to be investigated. austral australia's first prime minister is the first woman to be elected to the post. >> now, she's been held pretty much in solitary confinement for more than a year. today, sarah shourd was released. they explained they got lost in a hiking trip. she has been denied treatment for serious health problems. the detention period for her friend, shane bower has been extended for another 2 months. >> after more than a year in an iranian jail, she has been freed. >> i freely greatful. it's a huge relief for me. i want to thank every country and individual involved in this process but her 2 fellow hikers are still being held. >> my first priority is to help my fiance and friend gain their freedom. they don't deserve to be prison anymore. >> iran was released but it's not clear who paid it. >> president ahmadinejad said her mother campaigned for her health >> there's a
of the country. in kabul, president karzai spoke out with a new warning to terry jones, that he should not think of carrying out his threat. >> any a front against the koran was a humiliation to muslims everywhere. , >> this prompted a new intervention on american television from general petraeus. >> there has been some damage done. you have heard of demonstrations here in afghanistan. they are already images implanted in the minds. >> this afternoon president obama weighed in again with more strong words, making clear he thinks this crisis is not about a french preacher but a matter of national security. >> the idea that we would burn the sacred texts of someone else's religion is contrary to what this country stands for. it is contrary to what this nation was founded on. and my hope is this individual praise on it and refrains from it. we are seeing today riots in kabul, afghanistan that threaten our men and women in uniform. we have an obligation to send a clear message that this kind of behavior or threats of action put our young men and women in harm's way. >> no. >> at the eye of the storm
general david petraeus. 500 people in kabul, gathered to demonstrate because of one small church in america that plans to bring copies of the koran. the protesters threw rocks at u.s. army vehicles. >> we are very worried about the implications of a possible koran burning in united states. it puts our soldiers in jeopardy, very likely. we have already seen the demonstrations here in kabul just at the rumors that this could take place. and that the images from such an activity could very well be used by extremists here and around world and in the same way that they use images from abu gharib and other instances. >> the church says it plans to go ahead. the church only has 50 members and is run by terry jones. many see it as a fringe movement. but right now, this man has everyone's attention. mr. jones justifies his plans in an interview for the bbc. >> is we do not do it, when do we stop backing down? when do we stop giving in to islamiah, or radical islam? when they burn the flag, when they kill christians, when they burn churches? >> but in washington, religious leaders rejected
year for nato in the nine-year war. mandy clark is in kabul with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. according to nato sources, early reports indicate that the dead were americans and on a special forces mission. now, the crash happened at 4:00 a.m. in southern afghanistan. many of these covert operations happen at night and the goal is to disban taliban operations, either hunting commanders or sevening for caches of drugs and weapon. there was no enemy fire when the helicopter crashed in the region, so the cause of the crash is being investigated. according to sources, it happened in zabul province, north of kandahar and a taliban-dominated area. unfortunately, helicopter crashes have happened in the past. last october was one of the deadliest with two crashes leaving 14 americans dead. terrell? >> it's a crash we will certainly be following. mandy clark in kabul for us. thank you. >>> later today the senate is expected to vote on whether to repeal don't ask, don't tell. the house has already passed a military. on that. >> reporter: good morning. today's vote could be
: demonstrators in kabul angrily denouncing the united states. they burned flags and effigies and pelted stones at a passing u.s. military convoy. kabul, once one of the most isolated cities, is no longer cut off. the demonstrators were reacting to a tiny church in gainesville, florida. with just a few dozen members, the church has made headlines and internet chatter with its anti-muslim slogans and its plans to burn copies of the koran on 9/11. >> we are going to have an international "burn a koran" day. >> reporter: church leader terry jones says the goal is to stand up to islamic extremism. >> we believe our president plays it down. we believe that people are afraid of radical islam. they're afraid to confront it. >> reporter: but the american commander in afghanistan doesn't agree. general david petraeus said the image of americans burning a koran could harm u.s. troops and the war effort. in a statement today, petraeus said, the safety of our soldiers and civilians would be put in jeopardy and accomplishment of the mission would be made more difficult. americans burning a koran, the genera
. mandy clark is in kabul tonight. >> reporter: the leaflet said that america is the biggest enemy of islam and called on muslims to take revenge for the burning of the koran. the leaflets have been handwritten and dropped in paktia province. cancer they've been distributed taliban on motor bikes to small villages. most villagers are illiterate, so the leaflets would have been left with imams to read out in mosques and spread the word that way. the taliban has capitalized on the controversy at the holiest time of the year for muslims, a time when the mosques will be packed with followers. mandy clark, cbs news, kabul. >> smith: we want to bring in juan zarate. good evening. >> good evening, harry. >> smith: how much damage has already been done by this? >> well, harry, some damage has already been done. we've seen protests in muslim capitals around the world. we just heard about the taliban leaflets calling on acts of revenge, and the burning of koran has fed a perception that america is hostile toward islam and toward muslims, but i think we should all be breathing a collective si
-- our kabul correspondent reports. >> she's campaigning for parliament. the last time she ran for her country was at the beijing olympics as a sprinter. in this male-dominated society, she's one of 406 women standing for the 200 seats in parliament. despite her inexperience, she is confident of her success. >> if this election is transparent and fair, i'm sure those people who wanted me to stand will vote for me. i think i can get plenty of votes. >> there is hardly an inch of kabul where you can't see her posters. she came last in beijing, but it gives hope to some. >> i'm going to vote for this candidate because she is young and she might help the youth of this country. >> i do not know who is this lady who just passed by. it's good to vote for someone you know. how can i say something about her when i do not know her? >> back at her headquarters, they are readying more forces. some candidates have received death threats from the taliban. >> yes, i've been threatened. every night i put up my posters but the next morning they are gone. every day people tell me they've heard i've been
have run the process themselves. nbc's john yang joins us tonight with more from kabul. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. officials say at least 14 people were killed in taliban rocket and bomb attacks on this election day, but the taliban failed to stop the voting as they had promised to do. in fact, despite a recent uptick in violence here, today was calmer than last year's presidential election, but turnout appears to have been spotty at best. none of the long lines that marked last year's balloting. this was a key test of afghan progress today, not only security progress, but political progress. president obama wants to start withdrawing troops next summer. late today in a statement, top u.s. commander general david petraeus stressed that today the afghans were in charge, in charge of security and in charge of the voting process. last year's election, of course, was marked by massive fraud, and observers are already saying there was evidence of fraud again today. so the biggest test will be how the afghan government handles those complaints. and with 2500 c
, rocket attacks, including one right outside nato headquarters in kabul. nobody there. we will have a live report from afghanistan as well. bp's broken oil well in the gulf of mexico about to be dead for good. today, bp officials bumped some cement into the bottom of the well. once it is set, the final pressure test will be conducted. if all is successful, the well will be officially declared dead. it ruptured five months ago causing the largest oil spill in u.s. history. >>> pope benedict xvi expressing deep sympathy for the conflict that has hit the catholic church. >> you are at the spot where a lot of people are coming together for his next public event? >> reporter: this is hyde park in london where the park will end with a prayer vigil that is expected to be attended by around 80,000 people or so. i can tell you that there are easily tens of thousands of people here already and the headlines are still about three hours or so away. it has been a busy day for the pope. it started with a meeting with the british prime minister at london's westminster cathedral. it was there he touched o
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 460 (some duplicates have been removed)